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Recent performances by the Java Jews
Java Jews Klezmer Band and Fan Club

Need an alibi?  Tell them  ... you were listening to the Java Jews.

March 18, 2004   Live!  on WOI-FM  "Third Thursday" (WOI now denies it, but we have proof)
May 1  Stomping Grounds, Ames (Ma'am, you going to finish that cheesecake?)  
May 8  Cinco de Mayo party ( on Ocho de Mayo) near Grinnell. 
May 16 Irina and Ken Kaplan's Special Occasion
May 16 Jewish Food Fair at the Temple.  (These people can actually eat while we play)
May 23 1st Christian Church in Des Moines.  (Forgive us this tresspass....)
June 12 Java Joes  ... cruel and unusual.
June 19 Stomping Grounds in Ames. (They turned off the Musak this time)
June 24 Exorcism at Trilex company in Urbandale or wherever that was.
June 26 Des Moines Art Festival.  (No, sir, this is not the beer tent)
July 3 Jazz in July.  Held at rain location, 1st Christian, just to confuse people.
July 8  Ames, Evans Plaza.  A pleasant night with friends....
July 18 1st Christian Church   Bei Mir Bistu Hymns
July 18 Roosevelt Grade School in Ames.  Beach chair bonanza.
July 24 Grinnell   They always dance in Grinnell.
August 14  Adel Sweet Corn Festival.  Ladies & Gentlemen, lend us an ear!
Aug 20 Benefit @ 1st Christian. What a thrill to be on the bill with Simon Estes!
Aug. 21 Iowa State Fair 2004.  Can they really do a fair without us??
Aug. 28  St. Augustine's Feast. Man does not live by bread alone. A nice time. 
Aug. 29  Grandview College Convocation.  No, we don't know Stairway to Heaven.
Sept 9  Ames, Evans Plaza.  No, we don't know Stairway to Heaven in Yiddish.
Sept 18  Bar Mitzvah in Ames.  Always great playing for the Amish. Hoo-hah, do they dance!
Oct 10 Kicked off the Hunger Hike on the steps of the Capitol.
Oct 31  Hillel House in Iowa City
Thank you for your enthusiastic support!  Hope to see you again soon!  ( And no, you can't play your spoons with us because... the rabbi says so.  But if the policy changes, we'll let you know.)