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Java Jews Klezmer Band and Fan Club

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Tired of Disco, Punk Rock, and Lawrence Welk?  Well then, you've come to the right place!

You're connected to  "the always popular

Java Jews " -- Des Moines Register

The world's first Klezmer band to perform at the Iowa State Fair   2003,  2004,  2006, 2007

** Playing all your Eastern-European favorites from about 1910, along with other stuff in ways you can't even imagine.**

Performances for Jazz in July in Des Moines and in Davenport, Iowa City, Galena, IL, Newton, Grinnell, Ames, Johnston, Waukee,  and Adel.

Java Jews has at its core  a 7 -person  ensemble that plays highly-caffeinated klezmer music. Led by Abe Goldstien* (accordion) and Mark Finkelstein (trumpet), the remainder of the band includes some of Des Moines' Iowa's finest jazz players. Hence, highly- caffeinated klezmer . In addition to popular klezmer tunes, we also perform klezmer covers of Miles Davis, standards, and Israeli pop. We play at coffee houses, synagogues and churches, bar mitzvahs, parties and art & civic events. Tel: 515-279-6452. E-mail: abe@trilixgroup.com. (Abe Goldstien)  * Participant, Witness Protection Program

Come on by one of our upcoming performances.   "You're guaranteed a good time  -- or your money back!" [Offer not valid in Nevada or in other states ending in 'a']
                    Performances are free of charge unless otherwise noted
Is there a gap in your life the Java Jews can fill? The Java Jews are available for parties with potentates, B'nai Mitzvah, Lease-breaking parties and other fine occasions

Thank you for visiting our Official website.

If you'd like to join the Official Java Jews Fan Club of Iowa  --or if you just want to receive JavaJews E-mail with news of our upcoming performances (so's you never have to come to our website ever again-- write to mfnklst@aol.com.

For the record, we are pleased to note that the President of the Java Jews International Fan Club is Elyse W.  Elyse is in charge of maintaining the standards of club membership (we don't take just anybody) and ensures the proper decorum of fan members at all performances.  Thank you, to our President, Elyse. (Applications for position of Sergeant-at-Arms are now being taken.)

If you have complaints about the band, we suggest you write to our president@whitehouse.gov 

Send us your comments about or to the Java Jews: Comments to date include  "You look like you're having a good time.  Oh, sorry,  sounds like you're having a good time, too."   "Great!"  "Mesmerizing"  "Sounds like real music."  "We want you guys back"  " I had an uncle that used to play clarinet"  "What's that [instrument] that one of the guys is playing?"  "What's that that one of the guys is playing?"  "Highly entertaining."


Java Jews lauded for performance in Davenport,
June 2006

Jivinin' it up at the 2006 Iowa State Fair

Out of the Box at the Iowa State Fair 2004

We love it when folks dance!

Seen at a recent performance.

Heard Around Town

What local celebrity never made it out to Adel to catch the Java Jews play at the Sweet Corn Festival --and now is kicking himself about it??

Word is that the Java Jews will open for Willy Nelson -- next time Willy comes to town.  Seems he was dissatisfied with the licks of some unknown musician ( could it have been the real Bob Dylan) at their recent concert.  But then again, maybe we're wrong.

What's the proper attire to watch the Java Jews in action?   Don't ask one of our local fans -- who is reported to have never changed his -- or her -- clothes for three months!!  A token of affection?  Or a sad commentary on today's economy??
A New York State  visitor to the website ( a Mrs. "Miles" Davis)  says she "suspects" that the Java Jews performances must be " a lot of fun."   Hey lady, let's keep the "suspects" where they belong -- in New York State.  We invite our visitor to our fair state to determine said situation for herself.  Just remember:  it's Iowa, not Idaho.  And say hey to "Miles" for us.

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