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Java Jews Klezmer Band and Fanclub

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Tired of Disco, Punk Rock, and Lawrence Welk?  Well then, you've come to the right place!

You're connected to the

Java Jews

the world's first Klezmer band to perform at the Iowa State Fair

** Playing all your Eastern-European favorites from about 1910, along with other stuff**



Come on by one of our upcoming performances.   You're guaranteed a good time  -- or your money back!
We'll be playing next at:
  • Saturday, month, date, time       location
  • Sunday,   month, date, time       location
  • Sunday,   month, date, time       location

Thank you for visiting our Official website.

If you'd like to join the Official Java Jews Fanclub  --or if you just want to receive JavaJews E-mail with news of our upcoming performances (so's you never have to come to our website ever again-- write to

For the record, we are pleased to note that the President of the Java Jews Fanclub is Elise W.*  Elise is in charge of maintaining the standards of club membership (we don't take just anybody) and ensures the proper decorum of fan members at all performances.  Thank you, Elise. ( Applications for position of Sergeant-at-Arms are now being taken.)

If you have complaints about the band, we suggest you write to 

* The name of the President cannot be fully revealed for security purposes.


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